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Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik Bestowed The Sambad Corporate Excellence Silver Award Upon Balasore Alloys Ltd.
The Sambad Corporate Excellence Silver Award in large industries category was bestowed upon Balasore Alloys Ltd.
Balasore Alloys Ltd. in Active Cooperation on Cleanliness Awareness Campaign
Balasore Alloys Ltd. has, in line with company's long-standing CSR strategy in "Youth development" category, subsequently introduced an awareness campaign bringing an intense focus on Barajaji, Chirigunja and Birsa Nagar Schools in January 2019.
Marketing Experts from Balasore Alloys Ltd at a Business-to-Business Conference in Lisbon
Mr. V K Jodhani (President - Customer Relationship Management) and Mr. Deepak Rungta (Deputy General Manager - Customer Relationship Management) from Balasore Alloys Ltd.
Balasore Alloys Ltd. With a Star Performer Award
The "Star Performer" Award for the year 2015-16 in the product group - Ferro alloys, Large Enterprise was bestowed upon Balasore Alloys Ltd.
Public Hearing over Expansion Project Took Place
Pursuant to a statutory requirement as per Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification 2006 of Ministry of Environment and Forest MOEF & Climate Change
Delegation from Balasore Alloys Ltd. at an International Technical Fest for Mining and Geoscience
Balasore Alloys Ltd. partnered the "Great Step 2018" International Technical Fest for Mining and Geoscience students hosted in Kharagpur, West Bengal by the Technology Mining Engineering Society IIT Kharagpur between 2 and 4 November 2018.
Balasore Alloys Ltd. Plant is the 2018 Recipient of "Kalinga Safety Award" - Silver
Balasore Alloys Ltd. Plant is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious "Kalinga Safety Award" (Silver) on achieving excellence in the SHE area in the calendar year 2017. His Excellency Governor of Odisha Prof.
Certificate of Excellence for Export Performance
Balasore Alloys Ltd. received the Certificate of Excellence for the year 2016-17 for export performance.
Kaliapani Mines Was Awarded a First Prize in Waste Dump Management
In appreciation of its integrated efforts in waste dump management, Balasore Alloys Ltd, Kaliapani Mines, has been awarded a First Prize in the category of fully mechanized mine by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM).
Balasore Alloys Ltd. Extends Support to Five Students
Managers visited Sukinda College to share the celebration of the Independence Day
An Award in "Safety" Category for the Mines
Kaliapani Chromite Mines of Balasore Alloys Ltd. received third prize in mines safety at Half yearly safety week ceremony
"Prevention is Treasure" : Mega Health Camp is activated by Balasore Alloys Ltd.
1026 number of employees and local residents have arrived at the opening of the traditional Mega health camp on 28.07.2018. The initiative under "Prevention is Treasure" motto took place from 8.00 o'clock to 2.00 PM in Remuna Degree College of Balasore district.
Balasore Alloys Ltd. Received an Award in "Occupational Health & Safety" category
Balasore Alloys Ltd. was excelled at the "2nd Annual EKDKN EXCEED AWARD 2018" under "Occupational Health & Safety" category in Mining & Metallurgy Sector from Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam (EKDKN).
World Day for Safety and Health at Work : A Notice of Everyday Validity
World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed by initiative of the International Labour Organization (ILO) on April 28th since 2003. It is believed that adequate information and training would, along with availability of protective materials, ensure prevention of occupational diseases and accidents.
Balasore Alloys Ltd. Expert speaks on occasion of the World Laboratory Day
Quality Control Laboratory at Balasore Alloys Ltd. opened up on the importance of processes carried out by the experts in this strategic department and the overall impact on product quality.
Balasore Alloys Mirror Issue-II-2017
Inside : 2. Recognition 3-4. Activities 5.Training Program at Bal 6. Open House Meeting 8. Six Sigma Black Belt Training 9-13. Employees Speak 14-16 Bal Business Excellence Model (Balbem) 17-19. CSR Activities At Plant | Safety 20. Odia Literature | Face to Face
Mr. Jodhani, Sr. VP of Balasore Alloys Ltd Interview with The Tex Report Japan
We want to continue good relationship with Japanese companies said Mr. Jodhani, Sr. Vice President of Balasore Alloys
Balasore Alloys Ltd. recertified under ISO 9001:2015(QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) and certified under ISO 55001:2014 (AMS)
Balasore Alloys Ltd. has its management system certificates upgraded in accordance with the requirements of latest revised versions of ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) and ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) and its asset management system is now certified on ISO 55001:2014 (AMS), following a precise audit by Bureau Veritas (India) Private LTD.