Marketing Experts from Balasore Alloys Ltd at a Business-to-Business Conference in Lisbon


Mr. V K Jodhani (President – Customer Relationship Management) and Mr. Deepak Rungta (Deputy General Manager – Customer Relationship Management) from Balasore Alloys Ltd. are in attendance at the 34 International Ferroalloys Conference which is set to connect professionals from global ferroalloys and stainless steelmaking communities in in-depth discussions panels and meetings on subject of some of the trends with potentially major impact on the global trade landscape. Some of the themes referring the ferroalloys industry prospects included ferroalloys and stainless steel dynamics outlook, applicability of digital opportunities across the ferro-alloys value chain and global steel market overview are among the points of the professional interest of Balasore Alloys Ltd.'s experts.
Engaging with regular insights from industry’s experts and customers is potentially a very efficient approach”, Mr. VK Jodhani comments on the traditional interest of the company in joining this conference; - “Our company logically pays attention on how to innovatively excel our live communication with these important segments of our corporate stakeholders.” While he reminded that the company has in 2018 been scored highest average rating amid comprehensive analysis of the parameters of brand capacity by BARC Asia including brand availability and reach, functional utility and users’ satisfaction, Mr. VK Jodhani explained that encouraging partners’ feedback was subject to continuing approach for BAL.