"Prevention is Treasure" : Mega Health Camp is activated by Balasore Alloys Ltd.

1026 number of employees and local residents have arrived at the opening of the traditional Mega health camp on 28.07.2018. The initiative under “Prevention is Treasure” motto took place from 8.00 o’clock to 2.00 PM in Remuna Degree College of Balasore district.

The service will be active until 28.07.2018 for staff, their families and all residents of all age category who intend to do their annual medical examination. The in house Medical Department of the company has joined their outside colleagues in performing free checkup and consultancy package in distribution of Medicines. Registrations are accepted on the spot.   Comprehensive regular physical exams are advocated by medical groups as a step of prevention in benefit of early diagnosis which can save lives.

Our team of physicians is committed to keep no visitor unattended. Strict protection of individual data is guaranteed.

Univocal importance has to be assigned to safety for efficient environment. Health and hygiene promoting mechanisms constitute traditional component into the corporate social responsibility strategy which Balasore Alloys Ltd. has adopted in helping organize the necessary changes for the society. The company has built lasting contacts with professional institutions and NGOs on purpose of earning and analyzing first-hand awareness about staff and peripheral villages’ priority requirements.

Preventive culture established as a strict internal standard at the company premises is pursued into raising healthy habits among local residents, especially youngsters.

Malaria eradication program is currently ongoing amid mosquito medicine spraying in Chirguina, Ransol and in Kaliapani Mines. These practical measures are supported by acting awareness program designed to identify sources and natural methods of these diseases prevention.

The company is equally as determined to help enable and encourage healthy habits through improving vast spectrum of ambient factors including clean water use and open defecation free zones. Employees are regularly involved in safety promotional activities. In house training session has been delivered to remind staff about preventive behavior principles during rainy season. A growing number of professionals employed with Balasore Alloys Ltd. has been certified under successful completion of first-aid delivery training.