President and Deputy General Manager - Customer Relationship Management from Balasore Alloys Ltd. Attended the 20th Asian Ferroalloys Conference

V K Jodhani (President – Customer Relationship Management) and Deepak Rungta (Deputy General Manager – Customer Relationship Management) from Balasore Alloys Ltd. joined senior industry experts, market and industry analysts and minors, ores and alloys pricing reporter at the 20th Asian Ferroalloys Conference which took place on 10-12 March 2019 in Hong Kong.Mr. Jodhani and Mr. Rungta attended the Chrome Ore and Ferro Chrome market overview 2018 along with Chrome Panel wherein ferrochrome market dynamics was discussed in global economic context. The Chrome Panel provided an extensive platform for Ferrochrome supply and demand trends to be deliberated upon by professional community."Being distinguishably a holder of DIN, a German Quality Conformity and JIS, a Japanese Quality Standard Certification, today the company is capable to offer a tailored ferroalloys portfolio with different grades of Ferro Chrome as per unique requirement of practically each customer. Developing the broad contact with other market and industry experts is continuously on focus in Balasore Alloys Ltd.", Mr. VK Jodhani commented; - "Our attendance at the 20th Asian Ferroalloys Conference provided us with another prestigious opportunity to involve in an open and informative exchange of  insights on matters of importance to the future of ferrochrome industry and also on business practices by industry experts", he explained.