Kaliapani Mines Was Awarded a First Prize in Waste Dump Management


In appreciation of its integrated efforts in waste dump management, Balasore Alloys Ltd, Kaliapani Mines, has been awarded a First Prize in the category of fully mechanized mine by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM).


The 20th Mines Environment and Mineral Conservation (MEMC) week was organized under the aegis of Regional Office of IBM, Bhubaneswar, from 19.02.2018 to 25.02.2018. The prestigious recognition was received by Mr. Abhinav Kumar, Deputy Manager- Environment on behalf of Balasore Alloys Ltd. at the concluding ceremony of 20th MEMC on 01.09.2018.


Our performance in this category has been evaluated by inspection team, set up by IBM during the celebration of MEMC week. Members comprised from different Mines have visited Kaliapani Mines amid around 70 other industries. The purpose of their visits was to evaluate the performance on afforestation, waste dump management, top soil management, reclamation and rehabilitation, management of sub grade mineral, installation and use of mechanical beneficiation facilities including crushing, air quality management, sedimentation and water management and aesthetic image of the Mines. Environment department was supported by Mining, Geology, Civil and Electrical departments in Balasore Alloys Ltd. in assembling the application prior to the performance audit. Preparations comprehensively involved statutory documentation activities related to mineral conservation and environmental compliances such as plantation in safety zone and dead dumps, monitoring of environmental parameters, scientific studies and implementation of innovative ideas. 


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