Safety Flag Hoisted at Kaliapani Chromite Mines in honor of the 39th Annual Mines Safety Week
20th November 2018

Under the agies of Directorate General of Mines Safety, Bhubaneswar Region, the 39th Annual Mines Safety Week 2018-19 was officially declared open on 19 November 2018 at Kaliapani Chromite Mines of Balasore Alloys Ltd. in the presence of all sections of the mines. Mr. RR Kumar, President (Mines) officiated the opening ceremony which started with the traditional safety flag hoisting. Employees received specially designed safety badges and were invited to share oath taking in symbolic expression of loyalty and commitment to adherence to safety standards as mandatory prerequisite of the company’s prevention culture on all working places. Mines officials and experts took the floor to express thoughts on safety. The official opening ceremony was ended with a speech delivered by President (Mines) who addressed the integrity of mines specialists of Balasore Alloys Ltd. on the importance of adhering to safety norms of the Directorate General of Mines Safety. He guided the mining team about personal and operational safety. “It is a matter of everyone’s personal responsibility and culture that starts at home”, Mr. RR Kumar underlined.

A weeklong programme is scheduled to mark Mines Safety Week 2018-19 at Balasore Alloys Ltd. including on-site inspections, exhibition stall inauguration and prizes distribution to distinguished in house performers. The event is marked by mines personnel of Balasore Alloys Ltd. in promotion of professional practices for human and environmental safety in mining.