Rendering First Aid Assistance: Do We Know How to?
11th September 2018

BAL provides training to students

Productive cooperation between Balasore Alloys Ltd. and academia is set to find a practical expression in the first aid training organized by the company with Sukinda College management and St. John Ambulance Association. Preparations about the first-aid training modules materialized the idea of the company in the eve of the World First Aid Day observed on the second Saturday in the month of September since instituted by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. A 5 strong trainer’s team was established to deliver the training in two modules at Central Hall of Sukinda College, Sukinda on 11 and 12 September 2018. Two hundred fifty  +2 Second Year, +3 Second Year and Third Year students will pass the training. All of them will be certified with St. Zones Ambulance and will collect First Aid Books.

First aid treatment can be applied in extensive range of incidents that may occur in practically anyone’s everyday experience including burns, snake bites, fall or severe injury. Prompt and proper reaction may save lives especially at remote locations lacking swift access to standard medical facilities.

I believe it is a very pragmatic initiative. No matter how genuine and noble one’s intentions might be, unknowingly one may damage a victim while trying to extend help. Therefore, we need to be prepared to do so appropriately. I believe Fist Aid is an art of saving life till a victim reaches hospital and attended by medical doctors.”, explains Mr. Prem Kumar Kar who coordinates first training sessions for employees in the mines of Balasore Alloys Ltd.

The trainers’ team members shared their comments prior the event.

Laxmipriya Patra (Staff Nurse, completed Viswass College of Nurshing, Under Univercity,BBSR ) says: “Take some time in learning of First Aid and CPR. It saves life of victim who may be your near and dear.” Dolesh Biswal (Pharmacist, D. Pharm The Pharmaceutical College, Barpali,Baragarh) shared: “This training is to connect with your heart to people’s heart.” Chhatish Kumar Mahanta (First Aider with Mining Mate Certified with DGMS, Dhanbad) states that immediate First Aid can make a real difference. “It may take some minutes to arrive an ambulance to the victim before that if you are a First Aider and present there you can unlock the victim’s air lock and save a precious life.”, says he.

The three employees are joined by professionals from St. John’s Ambulance association.

Dr. Rama Chandra Ratha is First Aider lecturer for last 25 years, Master trainer for Indian Redcross Society and St. Jones Ambulance. Dr. Manoj Das has Doctorate in First Aid and has been associated with St. Jones Ambulance for more than 4 years. He has successfully conducted many First Aid training programs in various companies. “First Aid is the first assistance or support given to casualty for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of any medical person or an ambulance”, believes he.


Employees at Balasore Alloys Ltd. are regularly involved in safety promotional activities. A growing number of professionals employed with the company have been certified under successful completion of first-aid delivery training. The purpose of this training is to keep at least one first aider in each shift in every department. To achieve this, the company is supported by certified organization in organizing first aid training sessions every year. 1/3 of all staff at Balasore Alloys Ltd. – Sukinda Unit and nearly 100% of all staff at Kaliapani Mines have undergone it successfully by presence.

Health Safety and Environment are key focus areas integrated into our business operations at every level and vertical.

The main objective of the HSE programme is to allow teams to attain a healthy and safe work place with highlight on zero injury and environmental protection. Hazard Identification, effective employee’s awareness programmes, safety checkups, audits and inspections are implemented to increase individual conscience. By expanding the range of people who are capable to confidently and adequately render first aid we hope that quality and level of heed for one’s own life and for others’ lives will improve, Mr. Anil Sureka, Managing Director of Balasore Alloys Ltd. said.